Behind the Scenes with NENA Clay Mask

At NENA Skincare, we have a Research & Development department that specializes in creating natural skincare products made with pure and sustainably sourced Canadian Glacial Clay.

 For thirty years our company has been harvesting natural glacial clay from Northern BC for its unique mineral composition. All our natural skincare products begin with a base of glacial oceanic clay or its derivative Glacial Mineral Water. From there, our R&D Team adds, layers, mixes, and combines other natural ingredients and stabilizers to formulate our skincare products, ensuring effective results.

Creating our first and purest clay product: the NENA Clay Mask

The NENA Clay Mask is our first, original, and award-winning product. It’s made of 99% Glacial Clay - with no fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Glacial Clay in its natural form has properties that are clinically proven to help tighten pores and reduce oil on the face, so other than harvesting and ‘cleaning’ the clay for use in skincare there wasn’t much more we had to do to its natural state.

 Dealing with a natural ingredient can be challenging at times. Glacial Clay naturally separates over time. In some of our earlier formulations our customers provided the feedback that their Clay Mask had a layer of liquid, so, in later editions, our R&D team tweaked and adjusted the formula to keep the clay mask stays together for more effective skincare use. 

 In our production facilities in Richmond, BC, we pack and seal into two sizes - a 120g full-size Clay Mask product, and a 30g mini Clay Mask that’s suitable for travel. 

What is Glacial Oceanic Clay?  

Found in pristine, isolated areas along British Columbia’s northern coastline, the glacial oceanic clay sustainably harvested for NENA Skincare products started forming over 2.5 million years ago through the convergence of glacier and ocean deposits and continues to do so to this day. Maturing for thousands of years in pristine ocean waters, this nutritive Sea Silt (glacial oceanic clay) contains more than 60 skin-benefiting minerals and rare earth elements unique to this part of the world.  


Benefits of a Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask 

Speaking of skin-benefitting ingredients, what exactly are the benefits of a glacial oceanic clay mask? Glacial Clay is negatively charged, making it a powerful magnet for the positively-charged impurities trapped in the skin. Its fine particle size effectively removes dead skin cells and environmental pollutants, revealing a soft and toned complexion. 

 As part of our research and development process, our R&D team facilitates for our glacial clay to be tested by a third-party Canadian lab to verify the quality of our clay. These are the results: 

  • Our clay produced a significant average reduction of 95% in skin surface sebum after the application of Glacial Oceanic Clay on the face.
  • Glacial Oceanic Clay has an immediate effect in reducing the appearance of pores, particularly dilated pores.
  • Glacial Oceanic Clay has anti-aging benefits by increasing collagen production by 70%

The clay acts as dermatological protector, with anti-inflammatory properties, cooling and soothing the skin with each application. Although our skincare is suitable for all skin types, it works particularly well for oily or acne-prone skin because it helps reduce skin surface sebum and the appearance of dilated pores. 

Behind every NENA Skincare product is a small but mighty research and development (R&D) team who carefully formulates, tests, and refines each product to perfection. Learn more about our R&D team here.