Extreme Balance: A Refreshing Take on Skincare Simplicity

Skincare and beauty bloggers nowadays seem to use an extraordinary number of products. These routines are complex, and sometimes the results are bewildering. The baffling number of products used by “insiders” gives the impression that more is better, when in reality, what we crave is simplicity. Thankfully, for those clarity-seeking, busy-enough-as-it-is skincare enthusiasts there is a new trend in the skincare industry that is changing the game: Extreme Balance. Well, maybe it’s not a trend so much as it is a way of life. It is a new kind of balance that we adopt through practiced slow breathing when bee-lining to the cashier—through the beauty aisle. “Extreme” because, in today’s world, real balance or any form of levelheadedness, is radically opposite to the fashionable lack of calm in our most basic self-care: our skincare. While certain skin conditions require specific treatments, prescribed by a dermatologist, many of us are just looking for a way to simply care for our skin. Layering multiple products onto our skin can have compounding effects that can end up causing more harm than good. You might actually be using one product to “balance out” the effects of another. This is when you want to ask yourself, “what are you getting out of this arsenal of product?”.At NENA, we believe less is more. NENA Glacial Skincare line is formulated to gently and effectively care for your skin. With three daily steps, and a weekly NENA Clay Mask, NENA Skincare uses naturally-sourced, local ingredients that cleanse and deeply hydrate, for healthy, balanced skin. The 60 plus minerals naturally present in Glacial Oceanic Clay are also included in our Toner, Cleanser, and Moisturizer thanks to Glacial Mineral Water (rather than neutral water or “aqua”, the first ingredient in most personal care products). NENA stands behind the ingredients in each of our products, and we are honoured to be EWG VERIFIED™. For peace of mind, the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is an indispensable resource to use before purchasing any new product. Skincare should be simple and effective. Now that’s balance we can live with.

NENA Mineral Toner Made with Canadian Glacial Mineral Water