How to Use Facial Toner?

At NENA, we recommend a four-step skincare system: cleanse, mask, tone, and moisturize.  In today’s blog post, we focus on step 3: facial toning, the benefits of using toner, and how to use a facial toner.

What is facial toner?

Toner is a liquid skincare product designed to cleanse the skin, balance PH levels, and prepare your skin with a better foundation to absorb your moisturizer.  Typically, toner is a product you would use after cleansing and masking, but before moisturizing. The action of wiping toner on your face (especially with a cotton pad), can help remove any final traces of dirt or residue that your cleanser didn’t wash off.

How to apply facial toner?


After cleansing your skin, toner can be applied with a cotton pad. Press a pump of toner onto a cotton pad and apply evenly across your face in broad strokes. You can pay special attention to excessively oily areas, like your forehead, nose, or temples.  There is no need to wash a toner off, it will quickly and naturally be absorbed by your skin.

5 Benefits of NENA’s Glacial Oceanic Mineral Toner

Many of our customers tell us the NENA Mineral Toner is unlike any other toner they have tried.  Here are some of the unique benefits of our Glacial Oceanic Mineral Toner:

  1. The Formula: The first ingredient in our formula is sea silt extract, not aqua (water). That means you are getting a concentrated dose of 60+ skin-nourishing minerals from our glacial mineral water, all of which help promote radiance and elasticity in your skin.  
  2. The Texture: The gel-like texture of our mineral toner is comparable to a serum. Our customers love the refreshing sensation of wiping this unique consistency across their skin.
  3. The Exfoliation: We use fruit-based acids to efficiently exfoliate the skin, which aids in the regeneration of your skin cells.
  4. The Scent: We use natural essential oils like lavender and bergamot to calm and refresh the skin, while providing a soothing botanical scent.
  5. The Awards: We’ve won awards for several of our NENA Skincare products. Most recently, our Mineral Toner was a winner in the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards.  


Try out our NENA Mineral Toner for yourself and experience the benefits of glacial oceanic clay.

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