Natural Skincare Benefits: What is Glacial Oceanic Clay?

Clay ingredients in natural skincare routines have become increasingly popular; taking care of your skin with a clay mask is a trend that’s not going away any time soon. Here at NENA Skincare, we are experts in a unique type of clay called Glacial Oceanic Clay that is found nowhere else in the world but the Northern Coast of British Columbia in Canada. From the sustainable harvest of glacial clay, to the formulation, production and packaging of NENA Skincare products, we control the entire supply chain and manufacturing process, offering our customers a natural, earth-to-skin experience.  


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At NENA, we specialize in skincare products made with pure and sustainably sourced Canadian glacial clay. For thirty years we’ve been harvesting a natural clay from Northern BC for its unique mineral properties that are clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of pores and skin surface sebum. Unlike many other boutique natural beauty brands, we control our entire supply chain and manufacturing process, offering our customers a 100% Canadian, earth-to-skin experience. 🇨🇦🌿 . . . . . . #shoplocalcanada #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #plantbasedbeauty #canadianbeauty #madeincanada #madeinBC #shoplocalyvr #naturalskincare #nontoxicbeauty #glacialclay #greenbeauty #claymask #claybeauty #clayskincare #earthtoskin #leapingbunnycertified #ewgcertified #greenbeautyproducts #crueltyfree #skincareroutine #nontoxicskincare

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Read on to learn more about the powerful ingredient of glacial clay, and how it can naturally benefit your skin.

What is glacial oceanic clay?

Found in pristine, isolated areas along British Columbia’s northern coastline, the glacial oceanic clay sustainably harvested for NENA Skincare products has started forming over 2.5 millions years ago through the convergence of glacier and ocean deposits and continues to do so to this day. Maturing for thousands of years in pristine ocean waters, this nutritive Sea Silt (glacial oceanic clay) and  contains more than 60 skin-benefiting minerals and rare earth elements unique to this part of the world.  

What are the benefits of glacial clay?

Canadian glacial Oceanic Cla
Natural Glacial Oceanic Clay is not a powder like other clay variations.

For hundreds of years, the First Nations people of Western Canada have used this natural, mineral-rich clay for medicinal purposes. Ingesting one teaspoon is said to help strengthen the immune system for harsh Canadian winters, while topical applications of the natural clay can help heal cuts and scratches and other superficial wounds. Glacial Oceanic Clay helps to naturally exfoliate the skin, remove environmental pollutants and toxins, and stimulate the regeneration of damaged skin tissue.

In modern society, this same glacial clay has been clinically proven to benefit your skin. We had our glacial oceanic clay tested by a third-party lab in Canada, to verify its quality and functions. Results showed that our clay produced a significant average reduction of 95% in skin surface sebum (oil on face) after application on the face, and also has an immediate effect in reducing the appearance of pores, particularly dilated pores.

How is glacial clay harvested and turned into skincare products?

glacial clay harvest
Glacial Oceanic Clay harvesting site on the Pacific Coast of Northern Canada.

There are only certain times in a year when environmental conditions allow for glacial clay to be sourced for NENA skincare products. The oceanic tide must be low, but the water deep enough for the mining boats to pass through. Once harvested, the clay travels on a large barge from Northern British Columbia to Vancouver, which takes about two weeks, then unloaded, filtered, sterilized (no irradiation used) and preserved in our facility in Richmond, BC. We are able to use over 95% of the clay in the same form we harvest it, keeping waste to an absolute minimum and our prized ingredient, as natural as possible.

Because the glacial clay is a unique and rare Canadian natural resource, the Canadian government has strict protection measures. Our parent company -- Ironwood Clay -- is the only organization fully licensed and permitted to harvest this glacial clay while complying to all governmental, social and environmental standards.   

NENA Glacial Clay Mask

Curious about the benefits of glacial clay? Try it for yourself! Our most popular product – the NENA Clay Mask – contains 99% clay, compared to many other clay mask products which only use around 15-20% and top up with fillers. The result? A softened, toned and rejuvenated skin.

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