The Benefits of a Clay Mask

They say “Beauty is skin deep” and it indeed is! Now, what do you have to do to ensure that your skin remains beautiful forever? Of course, you need to take care of your skin regularly to ensure that it glows and provides you the charm and radiance you desire. One effective way we know of keeping your skin in excellent shape is by applying clay mask. If you’re hearing it for the first time, then you might be a little hesitant to try it out. But let me tell you something you might not know. This glacial clay isn’t anything modern or new. In fact, it has been used First Nations people for medicinal purposes and topical applications already hundreds of years ago. Now you might be wondering what exactly the benefits of our clay mask are and how it works on the skin. Continue reading to learn the details.

Skin detoxification and purification

The environment we live in is packed with pollutants, dirt, heavy metals and harmful nano particles. All these get clogged in our skin pores and cause great damage to skin by means of inflammation and allergic response. A simple and effective way of eliminating these harmful particles is by using Canadian Glacial Clay. Clay has negatively charged ions while the pollutants and toxins are positively charged. When applied to skin, the two bind together and through the process of washing the clay off, the toxins are removed from the skin.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Clay binds to harmful bacteria and pathogens on the surface of skin and deep in the pores. It brings the dried up bacteria to the surface of the skin. This way it is removed from skin giving you bacteria-free skin. So, if you’re struggling with acne and zits, then this is the best way to get rid of them. The anti-bacterial action of clay is so potent that you won’t use antibiotics for skin purposes any longer.

Pore Size Reduction

Everyone wants their skin with smooth texture. This is possible only when the pores are small. Since the glacial clay mask deep cleanses pores, these eventually shrink giving smooth texture to skin and enhancing the glow on your face.

Regeneration of Skin

With our day-to-day struggle in life, even our skin goes through continuous wear and tear. Therefore, not only is it important to control the damage but also the skin has to renew the lost and damaged cells. For regeneration of dead skin cells, certain minerals are required which are present in clay. These trace minerals help in synthesis of collagen that keeps the skin intact. In fact, with aging, wrinkles appear on face and skin begins to sag. But this problem too can be taken care of with our natural skincare that has the essential nutrients for the regeneration of dead skin. With such amazing glacial clay benefits, there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind to try out our Clay Mask. So just face the world with higher confidence and a glowing skin that speaks volumes about your personality!