Behind the Scenes with NENA Cleansing Cream

Here at ‘The Glacial Lab’ at NENA Skincare, we have a small but mighty Research & Development department that specializes in creating natural skincare products made with pure and sustainably sourced Canadian Glacial Clay

NENA Cleansing Cream

One of our most loved products is the NENA Cleansing Cream, a creamy cleanser that helps purify and brighten all skin types with glacial oceanic clay and fruit acids. 

The cleanser has a light grey hue, due to the natural colour of the Canadian Glacial Clay. The texture is soft and silky, with non nano ingredients that help cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

A finalist in the Made In Vancouver awards as well as 'editor's choice' for the Beauty Shortlist Awards, the NENA Cleansing Cream gently exfoliates, leaving you with clean and radiant skin after every use. 

NENA Cleansing Cream

The grey colour is from Canadian Glacial Clay


How long does it take to create a (new) NENA Skincare Product?

For thirty years our company has been harvesting natural glacial clay from Northern BC for its unique mineral composition. All our natural skincare products begin with a base of glacial oceanic clay or its derivative Glacial Mineral Water. From there, our R&D Team adds, layers, mixes, and combines other natural ingredients and stabilizers to formulate our skincare products, ensuring effective results.

Creating a new product takes around three months, testing and experimenting for texture and experience. But after the first versions of the formulation is complete, we let the product sit through stability testing and clinical trials, which can take upwards of 6 months. Most of our products, including the NENA Cleansing Cream, are shelf stable for up to three years.

Our first runs are called ‘pilot runs’ which are small batch test runs completed in the lab.  If all goes well, we scale up production and fill thousands of products at the same time for our customers online, in-stores, and more!

Cleansing Benefits of Glacial Clay

Pamper Me Pouch

 You find our NENA Cleansing Cream in our Pamper Me Pouch


Our gentle Cleansing Cream helps rid skin of everything from environmental pollutants, to stubborn makeup, and dead skin cells for skin that feels and looks refreshed and radiant.

Here’s what some of our happy customers have had to say: 

Behind every NENA Skincare product is a small but mighty research and development (R&D) team who carefully formulates, tests, and refines each product to perfection. Learn more about our R&D team here.