New Season Resolutions: Lifestyle Hacks to Get the Most Out of Fall

There is something about September that feels like a fresh start. As we move into the fall season, we’ve been thinking about how we can celebrate and enjoy this time of year to the fullest. We’ve got some new resolutions we’ll be abiding by. But we also want to know: how are you approaching the new season?

Eat the Rainbow

All those beautiful fall foliage colours you see are also great cues for the grocery store! We’re stocking up on dark leafy greens, colourful peppers, and cheery red apples. Bonus: these lovely fruit and veg are all great for your skin as well!

Embrace the Dark Side

It might be just us, but with chillier temperatures, we’ve got more of a penchant for red wines. We are fortunate to have some amazing wineries in BC, so go ahead and support a local business while indulging in a glass of something delicious.

Skincare is Self Care

A cozy night in is the perfect time for an at-home spa date with friends, family, or just you! Our NENA Clay Mask helps to replenish surface moisture while drawing out impurities, so you don’t need to worry about that dry feeling you might experience with other clays, like bentonite or kaolin clay.

Get Outside

Grab an extra layer and head outside to explore the changing season, wherever you are! Being in nature on a regular basis can help to restore some calm and balance to your day, as well as provide fresh air, always good for you and your skin (just make sure to not forget your SPF on those crisp, sunny days). Tag us @nenaclaymask so we can see how you’re embracing the fall season!