The Earth-to-Skin Experience

Our natural glacial oceanic clay rests beneath a blanket of humus and is constantly refreshed by the ocean. This precious material is collected with strict adherence to Canadian environmental regulations and with every precaution taken to ensure that the pristine nature of this rare site is preserved forever.

All studies have indicated that the removal of this clay is in complete
harmony with the surrounding biosphere, and our harvesting process
leaves zero environmental footprint. And unlike most facial clays, which
often contain a mix of ingredients with very little clay, Nena is a natural
product containing 99% natural glacial oceanic clay.

Mining Glacial Clay

The oceanic glacial clay comes from the 2.5-million-year-old icefields on the Pacific coast of Northern British Columbia, in Canada. The product is harvested directly from this area and shipped back to our Vancouver facility.

The harvesting period for this marine glacial clay is quite short – in fact, it is only accessible for harvest at certain times of the year. Specifically, only when the tide is low, but water is deep enough for the mining boat to pass through. The government also holds strict restrictions on how large a ship can come through the region, and how much clay can actually be mined and transported out of the area. This helps to ensure we leave zero environmental footprint when mining the clay and explains the limited annual production of oceanic glacial clay.

Unique and Pure Canadian

Because the glacial clay is a unique and rare Canadian natural resource, the Canadian government has strict protection measures. Only Ironwood Clay Company has all the government permits and manufacturing certifications to perform this operation.

Once harvested, the clay is put into plastic tote bags and taken from Northern BC to Vancouver via a big barge, then unloaded and sterilized in our factory in Richmond, BC. The clay remains all natural – the clay that is harvested is the same clay we use in our factory with no alterations it remains all-natural.