Why Made in Canada Matters

We all love the True North Strong and Free, but when choosing to support Canadian, what difference does it really make?  Around the world, “Made in Canada” is a brand in and of itself—we’re regarded to produce things that are high quality, safe, and environmentally friendly.  There’s no better time than Canada Day to reflect on Why Made in Canada matters and show our Canadian pride. Here are three solid reasons why you’ll want to start--or continue--supporting Canadian-made.

Three Reasons to Choose Canadian-made Products

Reason #1: Support the Canadian Economy

You’ve heard the term, “Think global, act local,” now replace the second part with “Shop local” to really show (with your wallet) where your values lie. Did you know that about a decade ago, Canada lost 350,000 manufacturing jobs, and that stat hasn’t improved much since? Don’t worry, with the movement towards buying locally-made products, you can help buck the manufacturing trend. So support your neighbours and get to know the people behind your products.

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Reason #2: Cut Down on Chemicals

While the European Union is the leader in banning harmful chemicals (1400 to be exact), Canada’s number of restricted ingredients comes in about 600, with the US trailing behind Canada 95%—they only banned a mere 30! So yes, if you’re choosing Canadian-made cosmetics over American-made, you are making a difference, especially to your skin. Keep in mind that, in addition, NENA does not use items on Environmental Working Group’s list of ingredients of concern, is halal and only uses vegan ingredients!

Environmental Working Groups banned cosmetics statisticsRecent stats shared by the Environmental Working Group about skincare ingredient standards in the United States.  

 Reason #3: Protect People and the Planet

When you’re shopping Canadian-made, there’s less transportation vs goods that arrive internationally, which translates into better air quality and lower carbon footprints. Supporting Canadian also means bypassing countries that may have more relaxed environmental and labour regulations, or tend to have companies that would rather pay pollution fines than adhere to environmental policies. 

For example, NENA’s glacial oceanic clay is harvested only once a year under strict governmental, environmental and community guidelines. Though it may cost you a bit more to pay for fair labour and ethically made goods, just think about it as money well spent. 

Large barge mining glacial oceanic clay in pristine ocean watersNENA’s glacial oceanic clay is harvested only once a year under strict governmental, environmental and community guidelines.


At NENA, our glacial oceanic clay skincare products are harvested with raw, natural ingredients from pristine regions in Northern BC.  From there, our NENA Clay Mask, Mineral Toner, Moisturizing Cream, and Cream Cleanser are formulated, manufactured and packaged at our facility in Richmond, BC.  We are proud not only to be a Canadian brand, but also fully made-in-Canada!

If you’re looking for inspiration on other Canadian companies who produce their products in our country, check out our list of our blog post rounding up 6 companies that believe made-in-Canada matters, and the stories behind the brands.